RoaringMajesty Rise of the void king
Zack was a young high school kid, bored with the world, and drowning himself in wuxia novels, wishing he was in another world. until one day, he meets a strange old man. After deciding to be nice to the old man the old man reveals to him the truth of the world he was so blind to.
Not_a_troll Judging by the hole in the satellite picture
20 novels is apparently the cap on WN :D thanks for the memories shrek-kuh haha. i think i posted about 350k words total
kxm06 A Lifetime With You
At 45 years old, Feng Ruyi is all alone. Her parents passed away when she was young and she was the only child. Friends? What was that? Boyfriend? Is it something you can eat? Rather than being surrounded by a group of people, she rather be home and enjoy the peace and serenity. The only thing that brought her excitement was reading Chinese novels. Everyday, she would curl up in her bed and emerge...
TrinityShock Eldritch Shop System
George Candra, a nature enthusiast fell from a cliff and found himself awoke in the bottom of a ravine with a ton of skeletons surrounding him. As he tried to climb up, he found out that he have a system, but it wasn't your usual system. It was... a shop. Yes... a shop. With the coins that he found nearby, he somehow managed to survive in the bottom of the cliff. He even made a house...
lqing I’m So Scared
Since Guan Shan got the horror game simulator in his head, everything in his eyes became a horror style. A carnivorous restaurant with corpses hanging in the kitchen, an apartment building with no people ringing at midnight, a psychiatric hospital full of murderers… [Only by killing the final BOSS can this simulation be ended! 】 As an ordinary person, Guan Shan is afraid, he is disturbed, and he is afraid. In the face of these terrifyingly powerful BOSS, he can only try his best to kill monsters and get some poor equipment in order to survive. The end of each simulation is nothing but a lingering breath. However, in the eyes of others, Guan Shan is the horror and anomaly itself! “Captain, he has killed all the S-level dangerous abilities, and the entire base will be pierced by him. He is still crying for help with a look of fear. Are we going to save it or not?” “Nonsense, he is coming to us, run!”
dragonsnipe59 God of realms
Sucked by a mysterious hole protagonist arrives in a world filled by martial arts and cultivation, follow his journey to the top of the apex filled with experts